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daily diminishing  (day 332)

This pendant was a Mother’s Day gift to someone I knew, who has died.  It was a commemorative piece created especially for Mother’s Day.



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daily diminishing  (day 331)

My notes to Santa always included “I love you”.  I think it’s funny that this figure who was not even real drew so much genuine love and affection.  I can almost remember how exciting it was to prepare the cookies and milk for him each year, knowing that he would take the time to sit and eat and drink what I had given him.


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daily diminishing  (day 330)

This miscellaneous jewelry is background noise in my jewelry drawer.  I’ve had these things for many years and, although I do not wear them anymore, I keep them because I have not really thought of not keeping them. 


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daily diminishing  (day 329)

Felt bag from Sisters, OR.


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daily diminishing  (day 328)

A bracelet that I really liked because it is designed to look like bakelite…it’s plastic.


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daily diminishing  (day 327)

An artist that I knew, Maude, made this pin.  I met her while doing a show together and liked her instantly.  After a few years our paths did not cross for a long while.  About two years ago, I learned that she died.  I have another pin that she made.  This was one of her signature pieces. 


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daily diminishing  (day 326)

This wrap was being given away by someone who did not want it any longer.  Something about the peachy color made me want it.  I have worn it a few times, but it does not feel my style.  The peachy color is a color I have loved since I was a child.  I still remember a shirt that I picked out around age 8 at a store in NC called Peaches and Cream.  It was my mom’s favorite for a few years for buying clothes for me and my sister.  This particular shirt was cotton and had a print.  The predominant color was a peachy coral color that made me happy every time I saw it.  I kept the shirt well beyond the length of time that it fit me.  Years later, I thought of that shirt and still do.