daily diminishing (day 7)

My great grandmother Love, together with my grandmother and great aunt, made many quilts by hand. Granny and Aunt Liz read the quilts to us like story maps- each bit of fabric, a starting point for a yarn about a dress cut from that same cloth, or an occassion remembered through what was being worn. Maybe partly for this reason, I have always been drawn to quilts. This one given to me by my mom, is not one made by my grandmothers, yet it shows the signs of having been well-used for some time. I’m certain it is full of stories.



~ by cmclaurin on July 3, 2009.

One Response to “07/03/09”

  1. i too just love quilts- but the best ones are all worn and torn and over used with love. We have one that I bought at an antique store that we use for the park- every time we unfurl it I burst with excitement to discover it once again. It is so torn and worn almost just a rag- but all of this makes me love it more…wanting to know all the stories it could tell.

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