daily diminishing  (day 11)

This old glass Noxema jar belonged, most likely, to my grandmother.  My brother and I found it in an “archaeological dig” that we undertook on the site of what was, from around the late ’20s until the late ’60s, our grandparents’ trash dump.  The site is at the edge of a pasture on their farm.  They didn’t throw a lot out, but broken bits of crockery, bottles, food tins, and other evidence of the past are easily retrieved from the gully.  This little jar brings back memories of my Granny, face covered in white cream, on a Saturday night, getting her “beauty treatment”.



~ by cmclaurin on July 7, 2009.

One Response to “07/07/09”

  1. ok.. this is starting to be a bit disturbing…:) I admire you for letting go of things but can’t help feeling a bit nervous at the idea that you part from things that are very personal and intimate. Of course, what would be the interest of letting go of things that don’t matter to you.. BUT.. for having moved here almst 20 years ago without any object related to my personal history… i think i might have cultivated my memories a bit better should I have brought with me some small reminders of people or events.. It is easy to forget – but may be it’s only the small things that we forget – the important stuff stays engraved in our memory without the need for any physical/material reminder… who knows.. I just wonder if those little things help you stay grounded..

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