daily diminishing (day 16)

After my grandmother died, the women in my family went through her things and kept what meant something to them. Since I live far away, I was the last one to have a look at what had not already been thrown out or given away. This unfinished needlework is one of the things that I wanted. The idea that my Granny had started it, but then put it aside and never finished it, is filled with metaphor and meaning to me. The needle and pins she worked with are still stuck in place where she left them.



~ by cmclaurin on July 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “07/12/09”

  1. oh how lovely to have. I love finding unfinished work at antique stores. The hand at working frozen in time waiting to be picked up and nurtured again. Her french knots look quite excellent. That is one stitch that still drives me nuts. If you ever get rid of this-send it my way!

  2. how beautiful, a story left unfinished. it parallels family history, new generations picking up where others left off.

  3. Dear Cathy,

    My mother, an artist with whom you are acquainted, is desperately in love with this piece of unfinished handiwork. I would dearly love to present it to her as a gift to acknowledge her many gifts to me this summer. My three children and I came to visit her on July 4th, and we were planning to spend two weeks. My son became ill and required emergency surgery. He was hospitalized for eleven days, and my mom took turns with me doing 24 hour shifts in the hospital with him and then being at home with the two girls. This week, she is hard at work doing interior painting jobs from 4:30 am to 11:00 am and then comes home to play with the kids, cook their favorite foods and just be her all-around fabulous self. I would like to give her your grandmother’s unfinished handiwork as an acknowledgement of her amazing work as the grandmother of my children.

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