daily diminishing (day 144)

This was my grandfather’s favorite hat to wear in his last years. He was very proud of his 65+ years membership in the Ruritan Club, most especially, he was proud of his perfect attendance record at their meetings. Once he moved into the nursing home, of course he could no longer attend, but even then, for a couple of years, my family took him to his most favorite annual event, Old Fashioned Farmer’s Day. He had farmed his entire life and really enjoyed getting together with farmers and farm enthusiasts to talk about farming and to see and operate old-time farm equipment. In his later years, his post at Old Fashioned Farmer’s Day was the entrance gate, where he got to see and talk with everyone who came in, stranger or not. After being there, he returned to the nursing home, where he dreamed about being there for most of the rest of the year, until it was time to go again. The last couple of years of his life, he was not physically able to go. I think he still went in his mind, maybe every day. Those years, the Ruritan Club set his hat on the table at the entrance gate in honor of him and in recognition of his passion.


~ by cmclaurin on November 18, 2009.

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