daily diminishing (day 179)

This is my “Julia Archive” – a collection of letters and postcards from a friend who I have lost track of and cannot seem to locate. Over a period of several years, no matter where we were in the world or in our lives, we wrote each other a few times a year. Julia is an amazing, interesting person. She has been, among other things, a lumberjack, a goat farmer, a fiber artist, and a foundry technician. When she was in elementary school, her lunchbox often held a tongue sandwhich and she lived with her Armenian grandmother. She smoked American Spirit cigarettes. When she was in her early 20s, she travelled alone in Morocco and was poisened on a train by a child who offered her a cookie. She woke up in the desert, missing her shoes, her belt, and all that she had carried with her.  She was helped by a child who found her and took her to his village.  Her hair fell out from the poison. These are a few of the things I remember about Julia. I have an incredibly beautiful sweater that she knitted. Although I cannot find her, she is with me – often very close by.


~ by cmclaurin on December 23, 2009.

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