daily diminishing (day 188)

Books are hard to give up. I have had these three for a while – the Griffin & Sabine series. I especially love the letters held in envelopes attached to the pages of the books.


~ by cmclaurin on January 1, 2010.

One Response to “01/01/10”

  1. I have just found your lovely DailyDiminishing site. This is very inspiring to me as I am living with too many things mostly because I do’t want to let them go. I like your idea of thinking about each object and what it means to me.

    Over 30 years ago my then husband bought a sewing machine at a garage sale. It never worked properly but I’ve kept it around thinking perhaps it could be fixed. Now I’m going to be able to get rid of it because I allowed myself to buy a new machine for only $170 at Costco. So I’ve spent the last few days discovering remnants of sewing projects hidden away in various
    places and found that having the lovely new machine has freed me to get rid of a lot of junk and also to revisit some happy memories.

    I’ve wanted the Griffin and Sabine books for a long time, ever since I gave one of them as a present to my sister. Recently I’ve become interested in altered books and that is one reason I want them. The other reason is that the experience with the sewing machine has made me realize that denying myself new things I really want because I don’t deserve them until I get rid of junk/clutter/etc was the wrong approach.

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