In 1971 I graduated from Mother Goose Land Kindergarten. I have vivid memories of that place and the things that happened there: Amy getting a chicken bone stuck in her throat while see-sawing (she didn’t really get it stuck in her throat while see-sawing, but told me the story while see-sawing and I always connected the two together), Mrs. Thomas making a “cooking show” for us behind a t.v. with the screen removed so that it really looked like she was on t.v., getting special priviledge to go upstairs in Mrs. Thomas’ house to get something, usually from the refridgerator. Later, I use to have strong déjà vu experiences related to things that happened at Mother Goose Land. For some reason, whenever I drank milk from a certain glass at my grandmother’s, I would have a vivid flash of approaching Mother Goose Land – a truly magical place at age 4.


~ by cmclaurin on February 13, 2010.

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