daily diminishing (day 256)

I drew this in third grade. I do not know what exposure I had to Japan at that time, but I do remember that that is the year I got my Pen Pal – Anette Gullers from Malmo, Sweden. Each of us in the class were paired up with a foreign pen pal our same age. Anette and I wrote to each other for several years, sending objects made closeby our homes: Anette to me: a Kosta Boda lead crystal candlestick. Me to Anette: well, nearby the industry was dog food….I think I sent brick-related souvenirs from another town near me that made bricks. There were other exchanges of gifts – I received several Dala horses and sent some artwork I made. My most favorite thing that Anette sent was a scrapbook, with photos of her and her family, her home, pets, village, and a tape recording of her speaking in Swedish. Included was a photograph of Anette wearing the ring of lit candles on her head for St. Lucy’s Day. For many years I have searched for this scrapbook and cassette tape. I have no idea where they went. A few years after Anette and I started writing each other, her brother came to Pine Hurst, about an hour from my home, to play golf. I was unable to meet him, though. I believe that this experience knowing Anette through our letters gave me a life-long desire to know other parts of the world through the people who live there. Japan is high on my list.


~ by cmclaurin on March 10, 2010.

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