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daily diminishing  (day 325)

A belt is a measure of size.  Belts that no longer fit are evidence of a body that is shrinking or expanding; therefore, belts become records and reminders of something that is no longer.



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daily diminishing  (day 324)

I made this ring in a jewelry workshop about 20 years ago.  It is the style that everyone makes when starting out.  It is simple but for a beginner it is made up of several complex tasks, including: forming the bezel, making and fitting the two rings, joining the two rings to each other and to the bezel, and setting the stone.  My ring is not perfect.


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daily diminishing  (day 323)

The title of this book is Personal Space.  It describes six different types of style and asks questions to help you determine which style you prefer: pure, wild, sensual, maveric, urban, and easy.  When I bought it, I thought it would help me to narrow my interests, as with many things in my life, my style seems hard to focus in on.  Music, fashion, art interests – it all seems to be hybrid combinations of several different, if not many different, styles.  I think the book helped me narrow my home style down to pure, wild, sensual, maverick, easy.


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daily diminishing  (day 322)

My mom bought me these earrings sometime in the early 90’s.  I thought they were unusual at the time, but a good friend wore the same ones a few years ago.  I felt that made an even more special bond with this friend since we had these same odd earrings.  I like these, mostly because my mom gave them to me.


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daily diminishing  (day 321)

Many years ago I went to the Butterfly Conservatory in Massachusetts.  It is magical being surrounded by different types of butterflies flying around and often landing on your body.  After seeing the cocoons preparing to metamorphosize into butterflies, I decided I wanted to observe this whole process at home.  I kept this brochure to remind me of this.  I never ended up getting the caterpillars to raise into butterflies.


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daily diminishing  (day 320)

These are the only diamonds I own.  They were a Christmas gift about 19 years ago.  I remember why I wanted them, but I do not feel that I do want them anymore.


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daily diminishing  (day 319)

I bought these books when I was living in my first house.  That house was a Victorian farmhouse, over a hundred years old and really wonderful.  There is a great Sunday flea market not too far away and I was there every Sunday, foraging for things for the house.  I didn’t realize how much I could miss a house until I did not live there anymore.  I still miss that house.